Power Off and Play!

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The fourth theme of the HKCC is Power Off and Play! and runs January 2018 – August 2018. This theme encourages children and families to build a balanced day that is not filled with screen time. 

‘Screen time’ is the time spent using a screen-based device, such as a smartphone, tablet, computer or television. Not all screen time is unhealthy. Screens can offer an important way to learn and communicate in school and at work.

Screens can also be used for recreational purposes such as watching movies and playing games. Kids may be sitting, reclining or lying down the whole time they are using their device. This is called sedentary screen time and many children are getting too much of it. This could interfere with and take time away from healthy activities in their day. It could even affect their health.

The focus of Power Off and Play! is on minimizing children’s recreational and sedentary screen time. This theme helps children and families build a balanced day that includes:

  • Staying within recommended screen time limits.
  • Putting screens away during important times of day (sleep time and meal and snack time).
  • Replacing some screen time with other activities (physical activity, social interaction, and fun and educational activities).

Screen time guidelines


During Theme 4, our community will introduce campaigns, programs and environmental supports that will encourage kids to power off devices and play more. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on what's happening!


For more information:

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